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¡Volando voy, volando vengo!

In this case our client, eDreams, asked us to create two promotional spots for two new products that were about to launch.

A first flight booking application for iPhone, quickly and easily from anywhere. For that we created a dynamic, live video, simple graphics, animated sounds to make a fly trip to the clients from the screens of theirs computers.

In addition we also carry out a spot for a contest in which you could win a trip to any of those places we’d all like to spend a season. Can Cun, Cuba, Sao Paulo, New York … among others.

The challenge was to bring in people wanting to travel to those places!

Inspiring music, paradisiacal images and a fast rhythm.

The secret to make you fly from your pc /screen to (donde quieras decir que viajas) to paradise.

edreams video motion after effects
edreams video promocional motion
motin graphics edreams video promocional